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14 Mar 2002
Check out Gil Asakawa's latest column entitled "Anime Nation"

cospure -- costume play has landed in the states ... lololo ...

A few years ago I accidently ended up at one of these conventions while I was working in the same building while I was on a business trip. They're pretty cool.

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Yasha Inu

Ughh, it should be Inu Yasha ... why do they reverse that in English?
It is usually not reversed in English, though that writer happened to.

Viz, the U.S. distributor that licensed the anime and manga series maintained the original name.
Inu Yasha... I'mnot familiarized with that, but if Inu is the family name and Yasha the given name, there's your reason (though I've always seen it refered to as Inu Yasha)
umm, he's actually a demon like dog. I haven't figured out the yasha part ... but sha means a person here I'm pretty sure.
Yasha is supposedly a little annoying demonic-like creature from Japanese folktales or something... I think I said that right...
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