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Anime Music Videos!


17 Jan 2004
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There's this website on the net, AMV.org, that has a wide selection of anime music videos on the Web! You can find my profile at AMV.org here.

Featured on my profile are four anime music videos:

Majoko Girl - This was the first video that I created. At the time, I was watching fansub of Ultra Maniac, and I thought, it's time to make a video. Ace of Base's song "Tokyo Girl" fit the bill, and this is the result.

She...is Ayu. - This UruMani video features Ayu Tateishi, the shy tennis star. It turned out quite nice, though a change of scenery from the first one, which featured Nina Sakurel/Sakura. Elvis Costello's "She" is the background music for this.

Yes, I like you. - The last UruMani video I have created! I was over the moon for Episode 25 of UruMani of the same name, that I created this. If Episode 26 came soon, I would have added shots to it...ah well. Otherwise, it turned out satisfactory. Ataris' "San Dimas High School Football Rules" sets the tone. This video was dedicated to my family, as you will see in the credits. I love them tons! 🌹

Pride - My latest video. This is a Chrno Crusade video, and a very good one, too. "Pride" by SOil was a song that reminded by of Chrno Crusade for some odd reason. I had fun working with this one, I can tell you that much.

What about you guys? What music videos have you created? Share it, please!
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