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Anime/manga scenes that makes people cry

Dream Time

20 Jul 2003
some scenes in anime/manga makes people cry

I'll list the scenes of Slam Dunk,many people,guys and girls,
said that 'no matter how many times I've seen it,it still makes me cry'

1. I want to play basketball

Hisashi Mitsui,he was the MVP in his junior highschool days,he joined Shohoku but gave up his basketball dream for two years due to an injury,
he joined a gang,but secretly wanted to play basketball,
he was angry of the people who still chasing the dream that he had gave up.
one day,he brought his gang to the gym,wanted to destroy the basketball team,none of those people knows about Mitsui's basketball past,captain Akagi,co-captain Kogure and coach Anzai knows it,but they were not there. they kept fighting,until
coach Anzai walked in,Mitsui looked at Anzai,
and memories flashed in his mind,during a game of his junior highschool days,he kept chasing the ball,but the ball went out of bounce,
Anzai,as a spectator,got the ball,and told Mitsui 'don't give up the game,if you give up the game,that means the game is over',and then Mitsui's team won the game.
Mitsui looked at Anzai,and said 'coach,coach Anzai...',and broke down to his knees,crying,'...I..I want to play basketball...play basketball...'
2. one dream,one mistake,'Don't Cry'

Shohoku vs Kainan
(Kainan never lost a game in the Kanagawa prefecture for 16 consecutive years)

before the game,in the locker room,Shohoku team captain Akagi told his teammates, 'compare to Kainan,we are too far behind,maybe they think we can not touch the ball even if we reach our arms to the fullest. compare the past records,Shohoku is far behind Kainan,but...every night I dream,I await the arrival of this day...everynight I imagine about the scenes of Shohoku battling with - the king of Kanagawa prefecture - Kainan,I have been anticipating for this since my first year in highschool'

Akagi sprained his ankle in the game and was taken to the locker room by team manager Ayako and main character Sakuragi,
Akagi told Sakuragi to sub for him,Sakuragi went out but was standing outside the door.
Ayako kept telling Akagi to go check with doctors,
but Akagi insisted on returning to the game and told Ayako to wrap something around his ankle
he said 'Shut up!!! quickly wrap it up for me!!!',Ayako was stunned,
Akagi : 'damn..why...I don't care if my bones break,I don't care even if I won't be able to walk anymore,finally here is the chance...'
Sakuragi overheard all this,and shout 'Beat Kainan!!!' and ran to the basketball court

Shohoku gave Kainan a tough battle,Akagi returned to the game while he is in pain.

Shohoku was losing by two points with few seconds left,Sakuragi caught the ball,he was going to pass to Akagi,but instead he passed to a Kainan player,times up,Shohoku lost.

Sakuragi,a basketball rookie,arrogant,a guy full of laughter,
he was standing there,Akagi walked to him,put his hand on Sakuragi's head,and said 'this is not the ending,this is just the beginning,don't cry!!'
Sakuragi was crying uncontrollably
The Grave of Fireflies doesn't have a positive affect on my emotions (but I maintained my upper lip.)

Im not one to cry but there are soo many scenes where I go why did you have to go and do that? If anybody watched the original Macross series, when Hikaru ditches his date with Misa to see Minmay... you just want to put your fist through his head. Rurouni Kenshin when he leaves Tokyo... not positive. thats all I can thinkof now... but there are others.
Grave of the Fireflies was sad-nyooo. :(

Oh and I thought that episode in Inuyasha called "Back to the Place Where We First Met" or sumthing to that degree, gave me tears in my eyes.
Voices in a distant star made me cry so bad. An old anime called Windaria which I'm sure no one has heard of the last 20 minutes had you in tears. Many scenes in sailor moon made me cry. I cried as mush as usagi-chan. There are many other animes that made me cry but I cant remember them at the moment
Oh man I thought I was crazy when I was sad when I watched Grave of the Fireflies... God Ghibili does some good work, PROPS TO GHIBILI!!! Oh yeah, really sad seen that makes you sad in Grave of the Fireflies is when ... wait all of it was sad :'( ... well I can suggest another movie that doesn't make you sad by Ghibli studios...! Spirited Away ; Sen to Chihiyo no kamikakushi
I'd have to agree with one of the above posters... only two scenes for me have consistently generated tears:

* Grave of the Fireflies: That is one powerful film...

* Rurouni Kenshin: The scene where Kenshin leaves Kaoru to go to Kyoto(?) to confront Shi-shi-o... that one usually gets me too...

In fushigi yuugi when Nuriko got killed by that monster.. >_<

I'm a very emotional person, so I prefer to watch anime and movies alone.
I thought it was pretty sad in the begining of "Ayashi No Cers" when her brother got killed by their onkel....soo cruel! :(
well... there r 2 sad parts that i have.

slight *spoiler* warning...

the 1 in Inuyasha is where Inuyasha looks at Kagome uncannily and she's like: "Why's he looking at me so strangely?" and she runs home and starts crying because of her unrequited love, but then she comes back and they old hands and she stays anyway...

the second 1 is in Escaflowne. *SPOILER* WARNING!

in the last episode when hitomi has to stay on earth, but they both know that whenevr they think of each other really hard they'll c each other... and then when she's looking out onto some waters, she tells her frends that she doesnt do fortune telling nemore and she sees Van sitting on a rock with his shirt off (GASP!) and his wings off... also, there's the part when Folken dies... WAH!
The ones that made me sad/cry :(

Rurouni Kenshin: the part where Kenshin leaves Kaoru to go to Kyoto made me cry too 😭
....also the part where Lady Magdaria dies

Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust: on the bridge when Meire came out of the caridge into the sun to stop the hunters from taking Charlotte...and Charlotte was going to kill her self and die with Meire rather than being separated.
Also, at the end where Charlotte is killed by Carmilla and then Meire takes Charlotte's body with him in the rocket to 'the stars' :(
I'm pathetic. I cry at the end of series that I really like. For example at the end of Fushigi Yugi I cryed because I couldn't see Chichiri anymore in New episodes. whats so special about Miaka anyway. :eek:
Voices of a Distant Star was the last anime that made me cry. It's an awesome anime even though only 30 minutes, and people who want to cry should watch this! :) Also a notably cryable movie is Samurai X: Reflection.
i've built up some pretty tough walls inside me from certain experiences.

never seen a movie that made me emotional. But i've actually cried from quite a few animes

:joyful: (when no one's around of course)
1. One the fourth hokage dies in Naruto
2. When Rock Lee is told he cannot fight anymore in Naruto
3. When Oniwabanshu members die.
Well as for me those contains quiet sad scenes:
-grave of th fireflies
-hoshi no koe
-kimi ga nozomu eien (when haruka had her accident and at the end when takayuki dump her)
-kono minikuku mo utsukushi sekai
-Mizuiro 2003, not the H-oavs from 2002 (when hyori's ghost said she loved ken-chan while flying toward the sky)
-nuku nuku dash when nuku nuku sacrified herself along with her sister
that's all I can remember atm :p
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