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Anime Magazines!!!!!


31 Oct 2002
What magazines do you guys read? what do you subscibe to? what is not worth the money?!?! =)

I have a couple that I read:

Newtype USA

Protoculture Addicts used to be pretty good. I wrote a couple of articles for them a couple of years back... Newtype has the same disadvantages as White Dwarf for those who know gaming. It used to cover a lot, but as the years pass, it only covers those things that are under license from Kadokawa shoten, the publisher. So basically, Newtype is self-promotion. I don't know about the American version... In my opinion, the Animage and Animedia Japanese magazines have better coverage...

i buy newtype but have only done so for about four months. it seems to be the only magazine around here that doesn't devote half of it's issue to dragonball z (which i do like, but i don't need to read about it every month). i've thought about looking into others but... i never know which ones to get so i've stuck with newtype.
animeland!!! (french) and i work in it, so i reiceve all japanese issue, we have all newtype and animage from the beginning, old animec, and of course all amicans issues too, like protoculture addicts animerica, etc.
i admit that i don't like newtype us, but i only checked twice.
you like it?
I read magazines. usually gaming ones. *scratches head* oops, I forgot what it's called. :eek:
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