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Anime Experts Help Required


6 Mar 2017
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Hello there!

i am doing a cinematography essay on the aesthetics of japanese anime. I think a lot of anime have great cinematic moments that gives us chills all over. These moments are not only created by the story but also by the way the creators make them happen. Some atmospheres in japanese anime are so unique and yet so captivating...

I look for scenes like these. For example a scene like this is the way bellemere dies in one piece. Have you watched it? She pushes her girls, the we listen only her voice' anime turns to white and black, we see the pistol shoot the girls scream she falls in the ground but No soud! Exceptional directing... Also in naruto i remmeber scenes like that, battles occured and they may show birds fly instead of the characters... still great atmosphere..

I know a lot of you have watched a lot more anime than me. So please, if anyone want, introduce me some of your favourite scenes like that. Maybe i can do a film out of it :)

Whoever may answer
Thank you in advance

Regards from Greece


27 Apr 2014
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The End Of Evangelion left quite a mark on me. Then again, it wasn't so much as "chilling" as it was "horrifying" :)
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4 Apr 2014
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@Huba016 if i understand you correctly you are looking for somewhat allegorical or surrealistic scenes with peculiar use of visuals and sound? As i was just about to describe a scene from an anime that makes me shed a tear every time i watch it. But then i thought it wouldn't fit into your description since it is based purely on the dialogue and the setting with no "special effects".

So instead i'll promote a scene from 2014 anime Giovanni's Island (ジョバンニの島). The scene in which Junpei demonstrates his toy railroad to Tanya. At first there are just dancing shadows and lights which gradually transform into complete phantasmagoria. Although i must note that this scene is inspired by Kenji Miyazawa's Night on the Galactic Railroad, and every derivative be it a scene from some anime or a video game tends to turn out surreal when it comes to an allusion to Night on the Galactic Railroad.


25 Jun 2017
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Have you ever heard of RWBY? It has a bunch of amazing fight choreography, and the in-world universe is amazing. Here's a link to a fight scene you might be interested in. It's only three minutes long, so let me know what you think!


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