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animal rights groups want you


15 Nov 2002
to stop eating meat, stop eating fish, stop wearing wool, stop wearing silk, stop drinking milk, stop eating cheese, stop eating honey because the producers of these products are unking to animals...they also want you to stop cutting your lawn because it hurts the animals that live in the grass...

imagine a world where they rule supreme? They don't want you to use or consume anything with animal products in them...well, you can't drink purified water, because that boiling water or chlorinating it kills the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms...and you can't eat plants fertilized with animal fertilizers, because that must have hurt the animals to get the fertilizers...you can't eat an apple, because there may be insects in the apple that are harmed when you eat it...there seems to be an idiotic pattern emerging from this group...

read on:

I love the absurdity of this group...no wonder it's part of Gimme A Break! :D

just another cult group in animal activist clothing.... :D
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