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30 Jul 2002
The site that was formerly known as The Otaku Factor is back up after a restructuring hiatus.

I'm letting it go for open source at this moment and any positions and ideas are open for discussion at the AniFactor forums.

The site is still undergoing layout and some database changes as it's not meshing well with the new Gamespot-like backend structure.

Open criticisms and advice is welcome on what I could add or improve on the layout. Check it out.


Hi, I like your layout and design, I just had difficulties reading the small white fonts on the black background, but my eyes are already tired tonight, lol. Don't forget to add your page to our directory once you go public.

Anifactor update (June 2003):

AniFactor Exclusive Membership is now officially active.

To register as an exclusive member is currently free and here are some of the benefits that you would get as one:

- Access to exclusive content before it becomes available to the public.

- You can write your own reviews as a member in response to a review about that particular item, topic or title.

- You can participate in many drawings/contests and win special prizes.

- You will receive a bi-monthly newsletter with all the recent updates and news from the site.

Look forward to further additions to this new feature of interaction through AniFactor.

Update: Registration error has been fixed.
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AniFactor has many staff positions open:

- Web Designer (should know HTML, PHP & MySQL)
- Graphic Designer (layout design would be helpful)
- Reviewer/Columnist
- News Poster
- Public Relations (must be 20 years of age and over)

The current benefits will be a part of the anime and/or gaming media industry, which will ensure you press/media access to conventions and trade shows, including E3, Anime Expo, Pacific Media Expo, Otakon, Big Apple Anime Fest, etc.

As a member of the media/press, you will receive such material for review and/or coverage purposes.

Valuable experience in journalism for reviewers/columnists.

Future benefits will possibly include press/media access to overseas trade shows (Tokyo Game Show, Comiket, ECTS, etc.), and contract employment (as in freelance, or salary pay), depending on how far the site goes, which is up to the staff.

If you are interested or have any further questions regarding the open positions, private message me or e-mail me at: [email protected]
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