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Anglosphere: Japan's options


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Where should Japan turn for help and economic coopration? Well, read the headline. If you're European you will not necessarily agree to everything stated here. Anglosphere, lol.

Anglosphere: Japan's options

It is against this grim and unsatisfactory background that Japan must rethink its fundamental security policies. Since the end of World War II, Japan's alliance treaty with the United States has been one of the two bedrock assumptions of its foreign and security policy. Its strict limitation on military capabilities and deployments, embedded in the anti-military clause of its constitution, has been the other. [...]

Finally, an Anglosphere strategy could bring some modest but real benefits to Japan. Rather than cultivating ties with third parties antagonistic to America, Japan would be better off increasing its ties with the countries closest to the United States politically, militarily and culturally. This would achieve, not a hostile triangulation, but rather an amicable collaboration, that could potentially influence the U.S. through mutual pursuit of common goals. After all, an Anglo-American-Japanese combination combines three of the four largest economies in the world; adding Canada combines four of the G-7 principal economic actors.

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