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Angelic Layer: On A Wing...and a Player!


17 Jan 2004
Anybody an Angelic Layer fan out here?

I love this series. It's about a young girl from Wakayama-ken, Misaki Suzuhara, who is fascinated by the game Angelic Layer, in which you use a battle doll, and control it to fight other dolls. If you lose it's okay, just get back up again and succeed the next time, so you lose with dignity. Angelic Layer is one of those types of anime that you just want to kick back, relax, and watch. Definitely a change from those fed by Pokemon, Digimon, and (heaven forbid) Yu-Gi-Oh.

The series is out on DVD here in the States, and Jessica Boone make a wonderful voice for Misaki, who is refferred to as "The Miracle Rookie."

Here's a website by ADV Films on this series:

Angelic Layer: On A Wing...and a Player!


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I watched this series wayy back when it was not even legalized yet in the states (when I was in high school).
We watched this in our anime club and nearly got all the way through it until the boys in our club decided to vote that it was too girly and didn't wan to watch a show about dolls anymore. Made me soo pissed too! now I have the box set of the seires lol but only with the first Volume of the series. I hope to get all of it so I can finish it up.
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