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AnehBody watchy Inuyasha?

:D this is my favorite anime! I just ordered english-subtitle versions of the two movies at dicountanimedvd.com. Can't wait till they come!
i do,anyone get the feeling sessomaru(sp?) is supposed to be good and inuyasha supposed to be evil?
lolz it's sesshoumaru
anyways, it's on friday nights here,
but after about 20 episodes it started to repeat......I thought it was ok...not the best tho...
Inu Yasha is one of the best Animes out there. Come on it's by Rumiko Takahashi. I really like Sesshoumaru.
It's an okay anime..i guess.I watched only some eps of it but my friends competely in love with it.I wonder why..still it's a pretty good anime.
inu yasha was great but here when it hit c-toon net the fans killed it for me ...its like i hear about that crappy dubbed **** so much it makes me wanna kill ..cartoon network kills good animes
Inu Yahsa is a pretty good anime. Ive seen the series so many times I could practically quote the whole thing. heehee. I like Inu Yasha and Kagome. I don't really care for Kikyo...Can't the poor girl ever rest in peace?? *sigh* Any way, I think Inu yasha is one of the better animes out there.
I use to watch it....
but i kept hearing from people "ITS THE GREATEST ANIME OUT THERE, OR OF ALL TIME AND WHAT NOT!!!!!!"
Then people rpg like little cat demons and theres like 5 Inu Yahsa in one friggin thread...and thats when i said...
Damn this anime.

but i love Escaflowne. 🙂
I never watched the whole anime... just bt by bit... on tv, missed many episodes!! ^o^ but I still like it... cute!
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