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And how would YOU answer the phone?

I have no idea. I received it a long time ago via email and thought it was very funny. :)
Hey!!! an idea!
maybe try and do some investigating, and find out actual phone number for this restaurant, then you can phone them and listen to however the staff answer the phone. (without sniggering)
This might be a problem, because all costumers would hang off if I say "Fuk mi".... >Hi..here's "Fuk Mi"...< >WHAATT??!< >...biep biep biep...<
Looks like it was made in Adobe Photoshop, poor touch-up job. If there was actually a restaurant like that I'd answer it, "Yellow."


I used to think this was real and thought it was kinda LOL, but looking at ghettocities post I gotta agree, it does kinda look edited in ps.
yeah but if you notice the building is screwed up on the edges like the words and sign. so unless they went to the trouble of putting in a fake sky its just a crappy pic. besides all that the restraunt does not exist in the united states.
If they've named it innocently, then I doubt it will be in an English speaking country. Could be anywhere.
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