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27 Mar 2003
Hello everybody,
I'm new to this forum group,
Please excuse me if Im in the wrong place,
I'm a forest technician in Labrador Canada
with an interest in Japanese forestry, culture history and if I can get some MUSIC!!!

I am looking for a source to get music for a girl band called Anadorei from Tokyo.
I would also like any recommendations for good ambient modern japanese music.

Thankyou, and I hope to join in more discussions about J-Pop and music in the future
Thankyou very much,

I will check out the link as well,

I guess by ambient music I mean something more like Siouxie and the Banshees without the lyrics or something like that.

Thanks again Twisted!
Hmm, i'm not old enough to be familiar with the works of Siouxie and the Banshees. Never bothered to look into it actually.

You could try looking for a project called Ruins or anything produced by Hoppy Kamiyama, but that's all pretty weird stuff.

I could also try Nobukazu Takemura, but that's cut and paste work like Aphex Twin and perhaps DJ Shadow. Not sure if that's what you're looking for.
Again Thankyou Twisted.

Siouxie being british musiciansbranching off into solo projects with a mysterious twist but with some great rock as well.
I will check out what you suggest.
As a musician, I find any new sounds both interesting and a great starting point for further exploration.
Just found out about a Chinese girl punk band called hang in the box from the Shonen knife webpage
Hang on the Box are great. They're on the Benten label. That label is full of fun girl punk bands.
I'm personally quite fond of Mummy the Peepshow.
Thanks Twisted,
gosh I'm sorry I don't have as much stuff to tell you about all these bands. I'm checking them out as fast as you say them.
I live in a really isolated area. If I want music I got to look for downloads or order COD from a couple hundred miles away.
Today I'm going to check around what I can download or buy.

I was listening to as much Shonen knife as I could find yesterday. I know some people say they are main stream sellouts but I got a real sense of energy and fun from their sound.

Take care my friend
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