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An Online Anime Store-Kai Animation


23 Mar 2005
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Thank you J-Ref Forum for the opportunity to tell people about our store.

We are Kai Animation a new online anime store. We opened just before the beginning of this year.

We only sell licensed Anime and Graphic novels. We are honest and fair. We will do are best to help someone find something that we don't carry. If we don't carry it, then it is probably because we haven't added that series to our collection. We want to be able to carry most of the series. Carrying all of the possible series will take more time, though.

I am not asking you to buy anything from us, but of course I won't stop you either. I would like it if you looked at our website and gave me your opinion. Are we carrying the series that you are interested in? Are our prices fair? What would you like to see on our site?

J-Ref was one of the first internet sites to give us a link. You can find that link HERE. Thanks again to J-Ref for giving us a chance to grow on the internet.


5 Feb 2005
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hey Kaianimation

first welcome to jref ( i see its your second post)

about the site..i like it, and im downloading the YOYO movie now 👍

your prices look nice ( my country its to expensive i think)
just your navigation i dont like so much... up and left ( and i was looking for how shippingcost ( i can not find that) maby it would be an idea of putting your anime store information more to the top ( up, a button)

for the rest i like it,, lot of choose, goodluck with getting costomers, making money, and spread out the anime-manga for nice prices


greetings baka dutch
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