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An old store in Japan dated around 1950-60's


3 Sep 2003
Hi all, I hope someone could give me info if you know this store. "Oxford men's Outerfits", which dated around 1950-60's.
My Dad was a sailor back then. He used half of his salary to bought a pair of leather gloves from this store for my Mum when his ship docked Japan. He is retired now.
I just hope to find some info on this store. Probably the store has gone. I just hope that someone knows how the place looks like now. I really appreciate if you could help! 🙂


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I searched the address on google and found nothing,but I suppose you've done that already yourself.
My husband is from Kobe, and says he might've seen it but... I'm not sure you should place any hope on that! If no one here can help you, I'll ask some friends in Kobe ;)
Dear Nzueda,
Thanks for your info. I tried to search the name of store from google jp. But couldn't find anything. I don't know japanese so I don't know where it is... I hope one day I can go there by myself : ) And thanks for telling me it's in Kobe!
And do you have an idea what it's saying on the bottom line? thank you, I really appreciate that.
Sorry I couldn't help more. But I can tell you the address in Japanese - it reads:
Kobe-shi, Hyugo-ku, Minato-machi, 3-chome25, Fujita Biru,
Mens Shop - Ueda <---- last line

Ueda by the way is my name too! ;)
That's a pretty detailed address, so if you were able to visit Kobe you could at least visit the building "biru" the shop was in.
thank you so much!

🙂 thank you so much, Nzueda. Really appreciated your help! Btw, I visited your homepage. It is very nice :)

*correction* sorry I should've typed *HYOGO-ku*.
I hope you can find out more about it - it sounds like a nice story about your Dad.
🙇‍♂️ thank you! I did some research on the address you gave me. I found an interactive map on that city. And I know it's near the port. I guess my Dad just walk there when his ship docked. I wish I could take my parents to Japan again. It would be a nice gift for there Anniversary :valentine
Yeah, my Mum keep it in her closet. And she showed it to me last Summer when I went back.
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