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An interesting observation


17 Jan 2004
I've checked the posting ranks, and it seems each of the ranks represents either a chess piece (well, most of them), or a part of royalty, or military...

Fuhyou = Pawn
Kakugyou = Bishop
Hisha = Rook
Yari = Lance
Keima = Knight
Gin-shou = Silver General
Kin-shou = Gold General
Ou-shou = King

...and that they are based on this game, shogi. Is this a Japanese version of chess? :confused:
Speaking of ranks I've seen people that been here less then 1 month and have over 1000 post. 😲 They must be very social people. As for me my Naruto quiz said I'm Sasuke a anti-social lone wolf.
Yes, I know, Luc. I've been here a year and you see how many I have.

You know, though....quality is better than quantity... ;)
Hay you lot!! I feel so old (a piece of furniture) I've been here since March 2002, what's that?? 22 months etc.,,, OMG, but I love it here, I"v had great spells of absence, but I always come back, this forum and its team are truly one of a kind, I love to meet new members ect, oops of one of my tangents lolol 😊 🙂 😌
I think when posts get to a certain number, they should be "??" or something.

High post numbers intimidate some people. We dont wanna scare away the newer folks; thats my job exclusively.
Hehehe... ;)

I think that is true, Winter. Someone might be intimidated by someone who just runs around making one-word posts or something. Well, you know what I mean...
It also works the other way around.

I mean I myself have been guilty of the other side of the spectrum. Instead of being intimidated, I see high post count, and purposely dog the person.
That's a great point!!! When I first signed here, I found myself apologizing (spell, hehe still at it hehe)for my lack of knowledge ect to the forum team, (cause I felt inadequate(spell), I"m terrible lazy speller!!) Lolol, but that point is very valid to the new members and the members who feel intimidated by the long-term members. I must point out that the long term members get great satisfaction whilst helping and assisting the newer members, that's what the staff is here for!!! I was assisted in every manner speakable!! I was educated and tolerated in every form possible; as a member and not a mentor, I still receive help, courtesy in my lack of knowledge!! So maybe the team and the number of posts "s are relevant to the forum??? it gives us (everyone) insight into who we ask a silly question too!! The team when p.messaged, are discreet, loyal and trustworthy,
Believe me, I"v had times I used the p.message myself, as I have written this reply I have come to realise the importance and the reliance(spell, rely on,) of the team, I appreciate the intimidation of new members, but I must appreciate the importance of the Team !!!! 🙂 🙂
Well, I know for a fact that I don't know a lot and I also hate confrontation. Something really has to be against the regulations, or irritate the hell out of me, in order for me to say or do something about it. Sometimes I think I'm too much of a wimp to be an advisor... :p
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