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An anime about Osamu Tezuka's childhood


9 May 2003
Konnichiwa Mina-san!
Sometime ago (a month or two?) I saw an anima on Osamu Tezuka's childhood (the plot is: Little Osamu Tezuka boy frees an insect he kept in a jar, and bigger kids who were bullying him earlier finally appreciate his art, so does a soldier). I think it was made by Rintaro (among others), but I am not sure.
Anyone knows the tite of this movie?
Thanks for your help.
Ja mata ne! Irena
Konnichiwa Irena-san!

I think that is a "Tezuka Osamu Monogatari : Boku ha Son-goku". English title is a "Tezuka Osamu Story : I am Son-goku". But I am not sure.:p

Hmm, I am trying to find it in the web, and it seems to me "I'm Songoku" tells another story of how Osamu Tezuka saw a Chinese animation of "Journey to the West". Oh, I have read the book on the Monkey-king when I was a kid - it's translated into Polish;)
But it seems not to be the title I am looking for...

Ja mata ne!
Konnichiwa Irena-san!

"Songoku" is the hero of Chinese story "Journey to the West", and there is Songoku in "Tezuka Osamu Story : I am Son-goku". But the hero is Tezuka Osamu in this story, and this is Tezuka Osamu's childhood story. "Tezuka Osamu Story : I am Son-goku" and "Journey to the West(the Monkey-king)" are different story.

Konnichiwa Nangi-san!
Thank you very much for your help. I just have found a page on "Tezuka Osamu Story: I am Son-goku":
but I can see from the pictures it is a DIFFERENT movie than the one I saw. But it seems to be interesting, too, I need to see it, too ;)
Maybe the movie I saw wasn't realeased yet? It was a special show at the Japanese Embassy here.... I think I try to call them.
Bye! Irena
Hi again!
I asked at the Japanese Embassy, but they say they don't know. The artists just came with the movie tape, and later took it away, no note on the title taken.

:( :confused:
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