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an amusing anecdote


4 Oct 2003
hey every1. just thought id tell u an amusing story that my mum told me about her boyfriend:
he used to work on ships and once had to go to spain. he always used to wear a bracelet with his name and date of birth. while he was on the ship it fell off into the water. the bracelet was found and for some inexplicable reason the police assumed he was dead (maybe there was a body in the water or somethin) so his family was informed of his death.

after several months in spain he came back to london and knocked at his mums house. his mum fainted at the sight of her dead son - as u probably would. but the really bizarre thing is, they had had his funeral and had recorded it and had it on video (which i find wierd). so he sat down, put the video in and watched his own funeral!
how wierd is that??? at least he got to see who was geniunely upset at his funeral!

:p :D
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