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An Adjective


Gag me with a spoon
19 Nov 2003
I wasnt sure whether to put this here, or in the member intro section, but I figured if this was the wrong place, it'd be moved shortly.

Describe yourself in one adjective. Just one.

Then, describe the person above your post in one word. If you dont know the person, then bypass it. Lets see if we can do this.

Okay, I'll start.

Now, the next person will come here, and if they know me well enough, use another word to describe me, then use one word to describe themself, then the next person will do the same to the person above them, then so on, and so on. Make sense? Then get crackin.
I dont really know Neptunemoon, I was going to put 'arty' because I seem to remember seeing some pictures by Neptune...but when i went looking i couldn't find any.... doh.... so i will leave that space *blank*...

me... = geeky

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