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American music.

25 Jan 2004
What do people in japan think of our music? Such as, heavy metal, Rap, Pop, jazz, country and the like?

Just kind of interested =)
IT WAS 30 YEARS AGO, BUT........

I don't think it's changed much. I was in Japan sharing an apartment with friends for 2 years. I don't recall ever hearing Jpop. All the listened to music was British or American. Every song in the juke-box in the bar I worked at was NON-Japanese. I didn't think about it then, but young people were obsessed with everything foreign. I think it's still the same now from what I read on the Forum.


Depends, you watch the top selling singles shows and there may be one or two in the top 50, i remember linkin park and red hot chili peppers making it in a few times
At the video/CD hire shop there are 4 rows of Japanese music and one row of foreign music! The Japanese music scene is very strong.
This is going to sound odd, but it is related to this topic. I'm hoping to teach English in Japan and I was wondering; are there any country music stations on Japan radio or TV? I would die if I couldn't listen to Garth Brooks and all my other favorite country singers!!
I saw a Japanese music chart awhile ago...LinkinPark, Chili Peppers, No Doubt, and I THINK Blink 182. Everything else was Japanese.
American Music ..

I believe the "roots of rock" is popular in Japan.

Many japanese web-sites dedicated to this music

This is like;
Ry Cooder - Bop Till You Drop (1979)
Ry Cooder - Paradise and Lunch (1974)
Allman Brothers - Idlewild South (1970)
Delaney And Bonnie, On Tour With Eric Clapton (1970)
Mountain - Climbing (1970)
James Gang - Joe Walsh first famous band
Bob Segar and The Silver Bullet Band
Rod Stewart/Faces - A Nod Is as Good as a Wink...To a Blind Horse
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Don't forget the Ventures. They're an American band, but their music was embraced in earnest in Japan. A famous Japanese offshoot of the Ventures is the Southern All-Stars.
many Japanese people likes American music

for example,listen to B'z
you will hear heavy influences of American bands like Aerosmith,Led Zeppelin
also you will hear harmonica in songs such as 'Don't leave me'
Dream Time said:
many Japanese people likes American music

for example,listen to B'z
you will hear heavy influences of American bands like Aerosmith,Led Zeppelin
you will hear harmonica in songs such as 'Don't leave me'

Point well taken. Those influences, I think, are as a whole the reason why B'z is popular. They have that Aerosmith/Zeppelin sound that is popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

they had a great set-up for recording off the radio. An FM station would play non-stop music with just a station ID at the top of the hour. The next day in the paper would be a list of all the songs played with info. I would set up a reel-to-reel tape deck to run 7 hours, then just cut out the paper and tape it to the box. I came home with 200 reels of music for free. I bet no one does that anymore!!

If they did that stuff today, it would be classified as "piracy," and some stiff penalties would be in order. Radio stations have taken drastic measures to prevent this, but a few crafty people have pirated succcessfully.
If you want country music in japan i think the AFN (american forces network, i think, the radio channel for the american service people) plays alot of country stuff. I was a little peeved that the only only-foreign-music radio station played mainly country music.
I hope that in Japan (if there isn't one already) that there is a radio station dedicated to surf music. That would be very sweet. :)
jazz musicians from America goes to Japan to perform
in America,competitive is tough,even if you are good and there are still chances that you maybe have no jobs,
so then they go to Japan to perform,
in Japan they don't have to worry about not finding a place to perform.
old rock bands from America goes to Japan too
it seems like Japan is a good place for them to earn money

some Japanese people are crazy about guitarists from the west,
such as Yngwie Malmsteen,Steve Vai,Paul Gilbert...
in fact Japan produces lots of Yngwie-ish bands,such as Concerto Moon,Kelly Simonz
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