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American food restaurant for 25 people in Tokyo


13 Sep 2016
I am looking for an American food restaurant where can hold up to 25 people and serve typical food such as hotdog, hamburger, grilled chicken, buffalo wing, chips...etc.

It will be even better we can reserve the whole place for one night.

Any comment?
Off the top of my head. TGIF in Shinjuku. Tony Roma & Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi.
Outback Steakhouse (multiple locations, I think)
Zest (multiple locations)
TGIF <- multiple locations in addition to Shinjuku as mentioned above
Actually I meant to say Shinagawa. There's no TGIF in Shinjuku. But as thomas said there are many others to choose from.

Be sure to report back and let us know what you decide.
Ahh - there is that big Mexican restaurant chain in Shinjuku. El Torito? Might be another option if the OP is looking for foreigner-friendly eats.
I think there's an El Torito or something similar in Ikebukuro Sunshine City... and a TGIF in Ueno as well.
Rock n Roll Diner in Shimokitazawa would have been perfect. It's been gone probably 10 years now. Good memories.
How `bout you, brother Janus? Any comment from you?
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Sorry about the late response.
Some of restaurants either are booked or do not have private room. So it ends up thar we will check TGIF and Outback tonight. If still not suitable then we will check Hardrock Cafe next Tue.
These are the places we called.
Tokyo American club
TGI Friday
New York Grill
Hummer Cafe
Hard Rock cafe Tokyo
Bubby's New York ARK Hills
Outback steak house
Tony Romas
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You might try the TY Harbour group. They have multiple locations.

Or ROTI in Roppongi.
Not sure if they can fit 25, but RIBS!

Outback Shinagawa is located in a basement. The private room can fit in 25 people but a bit crowded. TGIF is just across the street, its private room also hold up to 25 people a bit brighter than Outback since it has a huge glass window facing the outside. We will check Bob's Rib's next week. So far, TGIF Shinagawa fits our need. Thanks for everybody's help.
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