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Amazing social networking software


17 Dec 2002
There is a new social networking software. The idea is that you enter your friends as contacts and they enter their friends and so on. An acquaintances chain is created. You can navigate the contact maps of your friends, and their friends and even search for a path between you and other people! Think how useful that would be on your next job interview

The program is free!! You can find it at www.huminity.com 👏
Heh, this could also work to your disadvantage. Imagine you have a friend who has a friend who has a friend with a know criminal as a friend. Kiss that job goodbye. :)

Seems like a great tool for gossiping about people though.

Nah, there are already too much of these im programmes outthere. I recently upgraded to Trillian which let's you connect to practically every IM-network.
he only thing known about you is your name (users can choose to disclose their email address and contacts email are confidential).
I was thinking more about a job seeking tool. Lets say you have a job interview with John at blabla.com. With this software you can find out which of your friends or friends friends etc. is connected to this guy. Wouldn't it be better to ask a friend recommend you? :)
Since one doesn't know all his friends friends this tool is great. Think of the power of networking only automated! 😄
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