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Am I the only Marxist here?

I was when I was in high-school. Then I realized that idealism and realism don't mix very well, specially when are humans mixed in the middle.

Personally, I think its good to have such a variety of idealisms mixed all together in this great blue ball that is Earth. I don't believe in any of the political systems in existence, but its nice to know what are my options... even today, you can live under an absolut monarchy, a socialist state, a social democrat state, a republic and so on and so on.

Right now I live under a Social Democracy and my position is of a absolut centrism. :)
Nice Polite Calm People Welcome !

You come across like Hitler in your posts ! Most everyone here in the forum are really nice people and treat each other with respect. People who misbehave are eligible to be banned from posting. You can have a good time with the people here and learn a terrific ammount if you remain open-minded. I'll look forward to reading your posts in the future; you sound like you can teach us some new things.

Now, now girls play nice !
Put the claws down and Step AWAY from the handbags.

We'll have no fighting here ! This a local forum, for local people !

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