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Alternative method to writing japanese on PC


27 Feb 2017
Provided I wrote that right it should say konnichiwa (I have my concerns about that wa at the end)
Anyway onto to topic the alternative I mentioning doesn't mess with your computer keyboard settings at all, instead it makes use of an old smartphone (or current if you like) by downloading an app like BtHandwritePad (Of which I used to write the こんにちわ), Stylus App/Keyboard (For same phone, currently only Beta version is available) and the appropriate server to pair with on your PC (I chose BT since it's faster than wifi based since wifi has middle device to go through). This also forces one to get used to the stroke order & small handwriting of kanji/kana.
At the moment the Stylus app seems only suited for use on the phone/tablet apps, for using with BtHandwritePad Google Handwriting with disabled auto select is more suitable while learning (like what I'm doing), for those already confident they can just leave it active.
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