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alow myself to introduce.....my..myself


26 Aug 2003
hey guys and gals (cant forget you) just saying hey and that im new hmm what should i tell you about me well here it goes im 20 im a metalhead through and through i listen to death,black,grind,thrash,speed,ect ect (if your into metal you should know what those are) and i play guitar in a band named misanthrope. my dad was in the military and we were stationed at a base where a japanese family moved next to us and me and their son became best freinds ever since then i have loved japan, and the japanese(this was when i was about 8 or so) not till recently have i started really tryign to learn japanese well that pretty much me in a nut shell(well a small one) whew i made it 😌
P.S. anyone who is good at japanes can you tell me if my sig is right its supposed to say "Keep the metal faith alive" did i translate it right? the metaru part is supposed to be in katana just so you know
hiya seppuku and welcome, while i cant tell you about the japanese in your sig, you might wanna change there to they're. anyway enjoy the forum.
thanks for pointing that out, jeez im a native english speaker and i still mess it up haha:p
no worries i'm a typo master i end up editing a nice chunk of what i post because of it too.:p
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