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Aloha - Any people from Hawaii here?

Hawaii Kine Nippon-O-Philes

Aloha Hawaii kine peeps!

I live in Honolulu and there are tons of Japanese-Americans, Japanese Nationals and even some Nihon-jin wannabees here. I live and work in the heart of Japan town. My wife is a Japanese National, and I'm what da Hawaii Kine lovingly refer to as a "hauoli" cause I'm white. LOL!

Trust me... I know all about the meaning of the word and how it can be used in a derogatory way.

Anyway... if any of you buddah heads, katonks or gaijin peeps are grown ups (21+), and living in the Honolulu area, then perhaps we could get to know one another better. Just let me know and I will PM you with my email addy.

Mahalo nui loa,

p.s. if you have no clue what I am talking about then no need to respond.
Like any other race of people...

Japanese-Americans and Japanese Nationals come in many different shapes and sizes. Some definitely have an angelic demeanour, yet others appear to walk around with horns and a pitchfork, and as you can imagine, there are every different sort in-between. The reason why I mentioned the Japanese population in Honolulu is that the largest number of any single race living here is Japanese. There are approximately 86,612 Japanese living within the city limits, and that accounts for 23.3% of the total population. Since JapanReference.com is primarily dedicated to Japanese cultural and social concerns, I thought it might be relevant to mention here. But I guess that since Japanese culture is such a big part of life in Hawaii, there are few who live here that feel the need to find more of it on the internet.

In Gassho, Kakuzen

Source for statistics:

Aloha all! I'm in sunny Waikiki!

Aloha Kakuzen! Howzit? Please send me a message. Very interested in chatting!

Anyone else interested in chatting about Hawaii, feel free. I love Japan too so I'll be sure to reply!
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