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6 Oct 2002
Hello everyone. I am from the United States. I live in the NE. I am an aspiring writer, presently working on a story with Asian females as the main characters. Two of which, are (born and raised) Japanese, so I require information about Japanese culture.

I am a mixed race person born in the US, my parents are from Jamaica. I'm about 1/8th chinese, about half black, with some white, and possibly native american in there somewhere...

I'll be happy to accept any input on my inquires. Particularly I'd like to hear from a Japanese woman to how plausible my characters sound to them.

Thanx all and have a great day,

Hello! welcome!
i'd love to help you out but i dont know nearly as much as these guys do so i'll leave all the info giving to them ^_^
Hi Mandy,

welcome to the board!

We'll all be glad to help you, I do hope you give us some more details about your story and its main characters.
Welcome and yoroshiku.

Good luck with your story and be sure to post. We'll have a blast analazing your problems for you.
Ok, I will be glad to inquire. But, what would be the right topic to post my questions? They relate to the Japanese language (name of characters), Japanese culture, the martial arts, the role of women, and organized criminal activity (both have touches with the yakuza).

I'll have my questions ready along with a background of the characters

wow, manny! this race mixture of yours is quite like naomi campbell's!

btw... welcome! :)
manny, just drill up to the top. Most probably go up in the first 2 main categories. I haven't found a need to move any threads yet so just go for it and trust your own judgment.
Hello, manny am a new member my self my name Teresa. I wanted to say hello. Sorry, I can't help; I don't know as much as everyone else; I probably won't be much of an adviser lol hope to chat soon.
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