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Allow me to introduce myself


20 Mar 2004
I sort of just came on the forum and started posting without any introduction. So I thought I should try. Keep in mind I'm very shy about speaking Japanese because I'm afraid I'll be wrong. So don't get mad if I say something wrong, just politely correct me. Thank you!

始めまして。ブランドンショウともします。みんなさんどうぞよろし・。中学生の三年生の時から日本語をべんきょうしています。でも全て忘れました。 :(

これから毎日毎日よ・練習します! 🤩

Edit: It seems the kanji for "benkyou" is another unfortunate victim of mojibake :(
こんにちわ ブランドンショウさん! 初めまして。 よろし・ね。

And just 中学三年生から is fine.

して*げられないと思いますね。 You should get upset if no one listens to you. But we cannot help if you are silent....

Hmm, I forgot how to express a need for something. As opposed to I want to learn kanji. I really need to. See how unadvanced I am lol...

And did I use the wrong kanji for "hajimemashite?" I thought it was all the same? :/

And in case my name didn't come out clear, Brandon Shaw.

EDIT: Is it "漢字を習うほしいです"
rquethe said:
EDIT: Is it "漢字を習うほしいです"
No, hoshii is like if you want someone else to learn or someone wants you to learn. For yourself, just naraitai (to omoimasu). I think in most cases for learning a skill "renshuu" is probably more natural than narau. But if you want to get across that you can only become proficient after learning kanji,
"漢字を習いなければ (いけません/なりません)" is perfect. I must learn kanji." "漢字を習ってはいけねい" is also possible if you are literally under duress or an absolute obligation to learn.
Like this?:


Though really, I need to learn grammar even more. I'm horrible at constructing sentences using things I want to say in English. You'd think after as long as I've been learning Japanese. The biggest problem for me has been that Japanese is too easy. So I learn what I needed to know for quizzes and test and then forgot it. And since it seemed like nothing ever built off anything we learned previous, it wasn't necessary to ever go back and review.

Self-motivation only gets you so far when you have no one to practice with or you're scared you'll make a mistake.
rquethe said:
Like this?:

I don't know, renshuu in this case sounds slightly odd for some reason, like you really enjoy doing it but are unable to. :p Perhaps have to learn or have to study is best or benkyou shitai to omotte imasu (or whatever ending)....
Mistakes are an important part of learning. You should never be afraid to make mistakes. (Unless you are a commercial airline pilot or something :^)
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