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Allow me to introduce myself...


12 Dec 2003
Allow me to introduce myself...

I used to be the webmaster/founder of Maktos.com, which had a lot to do with the Anime/Japanese language scene. There was an immensely popular forum there at one time (now the site doesn't exist anymore)

I've studied Japanese since 1997. The first 3 years I used J-Pop, Anime, Manga, video games, the internet, tons of books, and NJWP to help me learn Japanese in every conceivable way. In 2000, I entered St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, where I stayed until 4 days ago. At that point, I ditched all my Anime, etc. and started using only my online dictionary/WP (NJStar WP) and scripture in Japanese, as well as a few other Catholic books in Japanese. I also continued using all the Japanese reference books I've collected. In short, I kept it up all these years.

I'm looking now to get established once again. I used to be a programmer/tech-type, but I would rather give that up. I'd like to do something with Japanese if possible. (Freelance translating, teaching, etc) Right now I'm practically broke with no car or possessions of any value (that includes even a PC)! Lucky my folks let me come home *grin*

Any advice on getting into a Japanese career would be most appreciated. (See another post on JLPT questions)

Thank you,

Matthew McDevitt
hiya matt and welcome, have fun.
btw i moved this to member intros, as it is, well, a member intro :p
Yay, I visited Maktos.com back in the day, reading a bit of that Japanese Is Possible section. It was one of the first sites I found, and it helped alot. Thanks for that! 🙂
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