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Allow me to introduce myself!


12 Feb 2012
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My name is Christopher, and it's nice to meet you!
I currently reside within the United Kingdom, and I'm also 18 years of age.

I registered onto this site with the sole purpose of asking for help, as I'm sure that I'll encounter many hurdles while trying my best at learning Japanese...

From browsing around the forums a little more, this community seems very friendly, so I thought it'd be silly of me not to become involved and not to introduce myself, so...here I am!

Anyway, to talk about myself (I'm not so good at this part); I do have a great interest in Japanese media, most notably video games (RPGs, visual novels to be exact) and composers.
What I usually like to do in my spare time is to compose, and Japanese composers are a massive inspiration to me (especially Kenji Ito, Michiru Yamane, Takanori Arisawa to name some). I've been composing for around 3 years, and everyday I try to become better at it, as I hope that one day it'll be a profession of mine.

I think I'll stop the introduction here. Again, it's nice to meet you all, and if anyone has any questions then please ask away. : )
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