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28 Feb 2003

I'm KlahaXGackt...I like Malice Mizer and support their respective solo careers now that MM has broken up. I'm really heavy into Japanese rock music mostly visual kei...but I listen to practically everything. I draw anime and JRock realism as well as read and write stories. I'm 18 and stuck in someplace dreadfully boring, and also stuck with people who are overly judgemental about Japan. I have a friend who is currently in Japan studying and he really seems to like it there....well I guess that's about it
Greetings and welcome aboard! "Malice Mizer" eh? Now that's a name I haven't heard in quite some time... Hope you enjoy your stay :)
Thanks for the welcome...too bad I've been so out of date....I didn't even know that they offically disbanded till yesterday.
I knew that they had taken some time off, but i found out months later that they actually split up.

You should really check out Moi dix Mois, the new band Mana formed.
I already knew about Moi dix mois...but really haven't found much on them...Mana doesn't sing does he? In fact I guess really no one has heard his voice....

Has anyone heard anything about what Yu~ki and Kozi are up to?
klahaxgackt... o_O o_O @.@
i :❤️: malice mizer...
i ::big heart:: mana!!
Moi dix Mois... have they put out anything besides "Dialouge Symphonie" ?.? ::head scratch::

anyways, hi to you!!
Well I was on the www.jpophelp.com web site and I looked up Moi Dix Mois and it looks like a full CD is going to be coming out, you could preorder it on there. I don't remember the title though but now you know...

hi to you too
Yeah, that's Dix Infernal. I already pre-ordered it at CD-Japan.

Mana doesn't sing. He attracted a new vocalist and bassist for this project.

I don't know what Yu~ki is doing, but Kozi is in Eve of Destiny.

I was going to say....I was pretty sure Mana didn't...in fact I don't think anyone has even heard his voice. But he's a brillant clothing designer....he's quite talented. I really want to get Klaha's solo album, he looks really different with short hair and w/o goth make up. I haven't heard and Moi Dix Mois yet, so I don't know what they sound like...I've heard they sound a lot like Malice Mizer....
you're right about the clothes, Moi-meme-Moitie is great!! Mana's such a genius!!

and, i never really noticed it before but, Moi dix Mois does sound a lot like Malice Mizer, or at least "Dialouge Symphonie" does... (but it might just be similar to tracks like "Illness Illusion" appearing on Gackt's Mars album) i can't wait for Dix Infernal!
i wonder what it would sound like if Mana did sing...
Juka's voice is really nice tho'...
I really have to hear something by Moi Dix Mois then, Mana usually has such wonderful taste in vocalists. Usually picking very easy on the eyes ones as well. I never really cared for Tetsu....his voice to me was like nails on a chalkboard....*cringes* I wonder what it would be like if Mana sang or spoke too....

Hello all I am Robotenchi (aka)Johnny.
well what can I say about me ,I like the culture of Japan ,ok you can blame anime and manga for that but I am also into drawing and painting .One day am hoping to go to Japan for a holiday.Started listerning to J-POP and now can`t get enough of it .Now I am trying to retrain myself in the art of Comics ,Hope in 2 yrs tinme will be good enough to submit work :).

Yes!! I have found it!! :: maniacal laughter:: mana!! TALKING!!! I zipped it and tried to attach it for you, but I don't know if that will work b/c I'm not exactly competent when it comes to these things... so... here's the URL I got it from just in case: http://www.geocities.com/bois_de_merveilles go to the Barpharanges section, that's where mana talking be!! ::seizing:: mana...!!
::twitch:: it's late... must sleep... oyasumi...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

**(wah! in my haste (haste is a cool word) i forgot to say hello to you, Robotenchi (aka) Johnny! "hiya!")**


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Hello Johnny...welcome to the board! That's cool...I think I'm into Japanese culture because of anime and manga too. I blame it on my mother who introduced me to SailorMoon when I was 4.

Hi and welcome from me too!! (haven't been on-line in a few days, kids and husband rule the desk here, hahaha) My welcome is belated but with the warmest intentions!!🙂 🙂
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