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Allied Prisoners of War in Japan


6 Jan 2004
Can anyone tell me where to find records of shipping prisoners of war from Shanghai to Japan from Aug 1942 to Aug 1945? Need date left Shanghai, number of POWs, port of entry in Japan. These records have to be somewhere. Trying to determine which POWs were in which camps for family histories.
As long as you're talkin' POWs, might as well give equal time to Japanese POWs.

Very few people outside Japan know that 600,000 Japanese were taken POWs by the Russians and sent to forced labor camps in Siberia AFTER the war had already ended. They were kept up to 10 years and over 70,000 died of starvation or from the frigid weather.

Here is an excerpt from One Thousand Days in Siberia: The Odyssey of a Japanese-American POW: Sano, Iwao Peter: 9780803292604: Amazon.com: Books:

"About eight years ago, I read Peter Sano's story when it was in its earliest form. I knew then that he should have it published - and finally, he did. Peter was born in America but at the age of 15, in 1939, he was sent to Japan to become the adopted son of his childless aunt and uncle. Drafted into the Japanese army in 1945, Peter was sent to war. By being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Peter ended up in Siberian POW and labor camps for three years before finally being released. During those years, Peter made life bearable for many of his fellow prisoners, often at his own expense - and though he downplays his heroism, he kept some people alive who would otherwise have perished. His is a tale both humorous and tragic and in the end, inspiring. Today, Peter is back in America, an accomplished architect, husband, father, and one of the kindest and gentlest souls I have ever met. It was impossible to put down his manuscript once I started it until I had devoured every page. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys tales of triumph over adversity, love beating hate, and quick wits winning out over the harshest odds. "
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