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All-time favs?

Iron Chef

Rest in Peace
26 Feb 2003
Maybe this has already been covered in a previous thread but i'm curious as to what some of our members would rate as their all-time fav picks. This can be any platform (console, pc, etc.). Granted, some of my choices will really date me nevertheless they still hold fantastic replay value even after all these years. Feel free to jump in with your own selections.

Super Nintendo/Famicom:

Pretty much any of the "Super Robot Wars" games as they are just really fun to play with "Masoukishin-Super Robot Wars Gaiden-Lord of Elemental" being my fav from that series. In addition, all the classic RPGs ala the "Dragon Quest" series with "Bahamut Lagoon" from Square being my single fav RPG for this platform.

Sega Saturn:

Hands down it has to be "Panzer Dragoon Saga". This game rocks! My Saturn library of titles when it was in its prime was actually pretty full with LOTS of RPG variants although Panzer Dragoon was and still is my absolute fav for the Saturn. Btw, I hear the new Panzer Dragoon Orta for the XBox is stunning as well. Too bad I don't have an Xbox 8-(


Hmm... tough call here but I would probably have to say the entire FF series with FFVII being the benchmark for what a successful next-gen RPG should be. I can remember seeing this game for the first time in Japan and being absolutely blown away by how revolutionary the graphics were at the time. Two thumbs up! Also the Biohazard/Resident Evil games top my list as well as Parasite Eve 2 (classic imho).

Playstation 2:

Again, another tough call so i'll just list a few favs in random order: "Metal Gear Solid 2", "GTA3: Vice City" (heheh), "Gran Turismo 3", "FFX", and most recently "Xenosaga" (killer game btw). There are actually quite a few titles that deserve to be mentioned but these are the ones that immediately come to mind.

PC: Heh, the list here is even longer but i'll try and keep it short. As far as RPGs go I would say: "Baldur's Gate" series (includes all editions and xpacs), "Morrowind" ( totally non-linear environment, woohoo!), "Neverwinter Nights", and a whole slew of other titles like "DungeonSiege, Diablo2:LoD, Icewind Dale2", and the list goes on... As far as non-RPGs i'd have to say "Jedi Knight2: Jedi Outcast", "Earth and Beyond" (currently playing), "Master of Orion 2", "Master of Magic", and the entire "X-COM" series (fun fun) just to mention a few.

At any rate, if you haven't already noticed I tend to lean in favor of a good RPG heh. Let's hear what everyone else ranks in terms of the personal favs.

*edits* Doh! Forgot to add Dreamcast: "Phantasy Star Online", "Sakura Taisen" series, "Soul Calibur", "Star Gladiator 2", "Shenmue" series, and "Black Matrix Advanced" just to name a few.
Among my all time favs:


Mario 3, the most I've ever spent replaying a game in my lifetime. So much fun, even after beating it 150 times, you still was set on clearing it again.

Contra, I would say Super C since it was deeper, but I have to go with the original. After all, that game redefined co-op and shoot em up.

Metroid, quality adventure game

Tecmo Super Bowl, the deepest football game of its time considering it kept full season stats on just an 8 bit engine!

Super Famicom/NES

Mario World, had a similar style to Mario 3 and capped off the SNES system perfectly.

Mario RPG, the game that actually got me started with RPGs.

Street Fighter, the hottest arcade game finally made a console part was good news.

Sega Genesis

Sonic the Hedgehog 2, a change of pace with the speed in that game. Wasn't as long as Sonic 1, or overdone as Sonic 3.

Sony Playstation

Final Fantasy VII, the game that got me started playing FF RPGs even the older ones!

Final Fantasy Tactics, the best combination in RTS and RPG I've ever seen.

Other few to list are Metal Gear Solid and Suikoden.

And to briefly list off the rest...


.hack, Madden 2002/2003


Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2


Halo, Dead or Alive 3, Splinter Cell.


Age of Empires/II, Quake 3's Urban Terror mod, Sim City 2000, Jedi Outcast and StarCraft.
Damn, do you guys actually own all those machines?

I've spend most of my gaming time on my Atari ST and PC. I do have a Playstation, but aside from Final Fantasy VII i didn't put much hours into that machine.

Posting my all time favorites will show my age, but here goes:

Elite / Frontier / First Encounters
Cruising around in an endless universe, trading, pirating and escaping has always flamed my imagination. David Braben has anounced a 4th installment for the Elite series. Can't wait to play it.

Any Sierra Online game
Remember Kings Quest? Police Quest? Space Quest? And of course the hilarious Leisure Suit Larry? Can't get enough of these. These are among the few games i've actually played to the end.

I can't remember how many hours i've spend leading my tribe to victory.

Dungeon Master
Although there were already better RPG's around at that time, i really liked the atmosphere of this game.

I've played countless other games, but can't remember all the titles right now. I currently don't play games anymore. No time. Other ambitions took it's place, although i do fire up Mame every now and then.
Doh! I forgot about the whole Street Fighter series you mentioned Shinmeiryu. I've definitely spent countless hours attempting to perfect my technique on one or more of those various incarnations (only to get my arse whipped by some 12-year old kid at the local arcade, but we won't go there... 8-p).

Twisted you mentioned Elite and the Leisure Suit Larry series. Those games rocked! It's been some time since I last played either but they definitely have a great dynamic to them that is hard to forget. Btw, the only actual gaming console I own atm now is my PS2. Pretty much all the older ones I tend to run off my emulators although I have owned them all in the past at one time or another (still wish I had my Dreamcast though even if it is obsolete heh).
Heh, i'm crap at fighting games. I spend a lot of time on Double Dragon in the arcade though. I was able to finish it with one credit. Mortal Kombat also cost me a pretty penny, but i loved those finishing moves. Sadly, those moves were all performed on me...

Speaking of arcades: I've always been addicted to racing games. I started out with Enduro Racer and Super Hang on, played way too much Outrun and actually got good at Daytona USA and Sega Rally.
Yeah, the racing games are fun. I used to play Spy Hunter religiously lol (although i'm not sure if you can really call that a racing sim). Remember Pole Position? That's some serious old-skool quarter munching 8-p
I think i've played Pole Position on an Atari 2600.
I'm not much into racing sims actually. I love Gran Turismo because the cars look so real, but all the tuning options are too much for me. I just wanna start the engine and go, ala Ridge Racer.
I'm with Iron Chef... Capcom Vs. SNK 2, Marvel VS. Capcom 2.... I could go on forever...

BTW Iron Chef... There's a guy on the SRK boards (Shoryuken.com) who's known as the Iron Combo Chef... He's lengendarily and extremely good at combos..
Are you the same guy? (I doubt it, but just re-confirming :D )
"Iron Combo Chef"? Doh! I wished I had thought of that lol. Nopers, we are not one and the same and i'm sure he could prolly whoop me good if he's half as good as you say, heh. Yeah, there's just something about getting together with some friends and hashing out your grudges over a good 2D fighter. 8-p Unfortunately, I haven't been able to keep up with all the newer console titles (outside of the PS2 ones) but despite my better judgement I may actually cave and pick up an Xbox and or Gamecube sometime down the road... Remember the "golden days" of SNK and the Neo-Geo? Heh, those guys were definitely the "King of Fighters", or at least the 2D ones (even if most of their titles did pretty much resemble each other).
Yea, KOF for every year starting from 94...



I'm a 2-D fighter for life... And overall, I'm a pretty openminded gamer... RPGs, RTS (Real time strategy, like Starcraft, Warcraft, Command & Conquer...etc..), driving games....etc...

But seriously folks. Anyone in the Kobe/Osaka region, hit me up... We'll go to some game centers and duke it out 👍
i've never been really good at games that require skill...;; (<...notorious button-masher) but i love RPG's and other such goodness!

Long, long ago I remember playing the SNES (sorry, i don't go back much further than that...) Mario and Donkey Kong games... fun times...
Chrono Trigger anyone?
How about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
And I know everyone seems to hate this game, but hey, me and FFVIII have history (it was my first Playstation game and my first of the FF series, and it's still my favorite w/ FFIX as a close second and maybe FFV coming in third... I never really liked FFVII, but that's just me...)
the first Parasite Eve game was good, but i never could get the survival-horror type controls of the 2nd installment (again w/ the skill...)
More recently, i was super in love w/ a game for the PS2 called Shadow Hearts (it's a prequel to Koudelka, i believe... good stuff...)
And finally, i love Squaresoft and they can do no wrong in my eyes (tho' i do complain an awful lot about them...;; hmmm... still love them tho')

and... that's all, i've said enough i'm sure!
Great picks. :cool: I really liked FFVIII as well although I know a lot of other gamers don't for some reason. I tend to agree with you about Square as they really know how to churn out some quality product time after time (especially in the RPG arena) on a consistent basis. You mentioned Para Eve 2 and I absolutely loved that game. Really took the whole survival horror genre to a whole new level imho by adding RPG elements. Haven't played Shadow Hearts yet although i've heard nothing but good things so far...
Man, oh man... I could go on forever about my favorite games.. here's a nice, short list off the top of my head.

Chakan (surprise!)
Dragon Warrior 3
Final Fantasy 6
Final Fantasy Tactics
Mega Man 2
Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Shinobi (original)
yeah, i really need to work on not sucking so much so that i can play PE 2 all the way through... and so that i can play FF Tactics... everyone i've talked to loves that game!
Square is wonderful, so glad those people exist. i even bought The Bouncer...;;
i hadn't really heard much about Shadow Hearts until i actually played it (didn't even know it was related to Koudelka which i already owned), but i really liked it. they have the whole anti-hero thing going on, the main character, Yuri, is pretty messed in the head (in other words great)... but the graphics are kind of...um... weird... the in-game ones looked better, imo, than the CG... ::head scratch:: meh...

and oh yes! YAY! someone else who likes FFVIII (and i thought i was all alone in the world~!)

i would suggest:

1st : Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64)
2nd: Shen Mue (DC)
3rd: Streetfighter (no matter if SNES or DC)

don't play 2 much go out and kick a ball!
Some of my favorites off the top of my head:

Sonic Adventure 2
Final Fantasy 7, 9, and 10
DiGi Charat Fantasy(I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because it has Dejiko and Puchiko)
Mortal Kombat
Mario Brothers(again, not sure why)
Donkey Kong
Street Fighter
Old School:

Space Invaders
Pole Position
Dig Dug
Ms. Pac Man
Donkey Kong
Double Dragon

The list could go on. I love the classics...


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (I am a Zelda junkie)
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
All of the Quakes
Bomberman and Bomberman Hero
Mario Kart
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Paper Mario
Banjo Kazooie

Yes, I am loyal to my old school and my Nintendo. I have yet to get the Game Cube, though. I will one of these days. :p


The Sims with Deluxe Edition and Unleashed and Vacation expansions
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings with the Conquerors Expansion
Man, I could nominate a hundred games and go on. Here they are:


- Beneath a steel sky (PC version is crap) ;
- Shadow of the Beast (Genesis version is crap);
- Ultima IV (PC version is crap).

Mega Drive/Genesis:

- Sonic 2;
- Streets of Rage (a classic is always a classic);
- Road Rash;
- NHL '93 (or was it '94? Whatever, the one which had real blood :devilish: ).


I loved those Square RPGs. Most people say that CT and FF6 were the best. Unfortunately most of them haven't played Star Ocean or Tales of Phantasia. These two took the console to its limits (really!). My vote goes to Tales of Phantasia and Electronic Arts NBA and NHL series.


Nah, so many games...


- Shenmue;
- Virtua Tennis;
- 18-Pro wheeler truck (or something like that).


- Gran Turismo 3;
- FFX;
- Kingdom Hearts (and I'd thought it was a kiddy game...).


- Animal Crossing.


- All Sierra, LucasArts and Westwood old adventures (specially Full Throttle, Kyrandia and Larry);
- Ultima series (specially Ultima VII and Ultima Online);
- Elder Scrolls series (specially DaggerFall and Morrowind);
- Bioware RPGs;
- All the obscure sim-likes and tycoon-likes (Sim Town, Sim Tower, Yoot Tower, Theme Park, Theme Hospital and PIzza Tycoon).

Like I said, so many games, so few choices...

Mario 3... the classic among classics.

FF2 (the american version FF4 in Japan)
Mario Kart (#$@#!!!! You've got one balloon left and he got a RED SHELL RED SHELL!!!!!)
NHL 95... the first you could make your own characters
Street Fighter 2 . (Did anybody else have the no-dahsim rule, or remember STOP BEING CHEAP!!! with Ken/Ryu)

There is only one game for this system that needs to be said, maybe the best multiplayer game of all time (you cant deny that)
GOLDENEYE (with proximity mines or grenade launchers, I think that system solved more arguments than discussion ever did)


FF tactics (maybe the greatest game of all time. All other Final Fantasy games pales in comparision to it)
Front Mission 3


NHL 2003... Vancouver wins the playoffs.


Splinter Cell


Alpha centauri
I can't really say I have any fixed favourites besides Earthbound, but I pretty much like mostly what I play.
contra 3 -- up up down down left right left right A B A select start
mario bros. series
paperboy -- i dunno why i played that game so much.
bubble bobble
marble madness

sega genesis
steets of rage
altered beast
sonic 2

chrono trigger
mario kart
street fighter

ps one
tenchu 1 and 2
ledgend of dragoon
chrono cross

mario kart
mario 64

soul calibur

dynasty warriors 3 and 4
tenchu 3
gta 3 and vc

i dont own one of these but doa3 and doax

i also dont have one of these but versus mode on bomberman kicks ***

plus many others i cant name right now....
Metal Gear Solid was the only one I have ever finished in Playstation 2.

As for my all time favs... I've always been a PC dude, so I would say, Sid Meye's Pirates, Civilization, X-Com, Sim Life (I remember making a whole civilization made of ducks :D), Tie-Fighter, Wing Commander Prophecy, and more recently, Europa Universalis II.
ooo yay


Final Fantasies 7, 8, 10
Tekkens 1, 3, Tag, and 4
Guilty Gear X2
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
Gem fighter mini mix
King Of Fighters (any)
Street Fighter
Super Mario Brothers
..paperboy ^^;;;;;

Diablo 2
Lords of Magic
Doom, 2
Oh wow!

FF 7 (played it 3 times), 8, 9, 10
FF tactics
Tekken 3 (Xiaoyu!!!)
Chocobo Dungeons 2
Kingdom Hearts (despite the DIsney element)

FF7 was an epiphany for me, I never knew games could be that good. I still remember some of the moments like they happened to me!

Squaresoft rule! Work those thumbs!😄
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