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All Animes Party!!!


22 Dec 2003
This for your Favorite Anime Character to Party! Get drunk, dance,Eat,Show off you power to you friends, what ever you would do at a party! 😄 🙂 :p 🍜 :gulp: :smoke:

So have Fun from Toshi and Furball
(Furball jumps on stage and trys Chareokee to Fly High) meow, nananana ( wimpers for unable to speak so dances to it)
speaking of fur balls, anyone see cat in the hat movie? lol hilarious... it hought it was gonna be cheesy (lol wrong thread but ...)
Kya! I'm here! *Is hit by furball's singing* Ow! My ears! *throws a glass at the furball* Stop singing!

Okay, Toshi, what do we do?
Just Party (grabs beer) woo hoo (turns music up to number one by boa) wee (dances)
Kagome is here ( jumps from back pack Inuyasha Sesshoumaru Shippo Sango Mirko, Rin,And Jaken.(stuffs Jaken back into backpack.) woo the party has arived

I am still amazed by the powre of that backpack, Toshi......*runs over, grabs sess-kun, runs away (ergo, kidnaps Sess-kun)* See ya! I'm off now! :devilish:
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