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All about me...


Fish addict
27 May 2006
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I'm 22(23 in august) I live in the UK and I'm married with a soon to be 1 year old daughter called kyoko.
My interests are:
Music - bauhaus, manson, alice in chains, NIN, C.O.F, S.O.M, 50's rock n roll, jazz, guitar wolf, gogo,
Films - Horror, gore, weird, violent, yakuza anything with blood in it really, my fav directors are Takashi Miike, david lynch, david cronenberg, clive barker.
Games - Horror rpg's such as project zero, forbidden siren, I like the sims, fighting games, shoot em ups, puzzle games, anything really I just love my PS2
TV - twin peaks, kamen rider, ultraman, family guy, twillight zone, addams family, lone ranger, league of gentlemen
Clothes - I design, make and buy gothic clothing.
That's about it really, if you want to know anything else let me know :)

Mars Man

Rest in Peace
28 Jul 2005
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From the edges of that great and harsh environment all but totally engulfed with wet, dark grey clouds, the Japan Alps, I sing out a great "Welcome to Jref !!" I think you came to the right place for the aname and music and other Japanese stuff. I sure you will be able to make yourself right at home here.

Please do not forget to check out the whole forum, and pitch in and share and learn with all of us !! Hope to see you 'round some sunnier day !! 🙂
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