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ALIVEST Perfect Stage <1,000,000 cuts hide! hide! hide!> DVD


7 Dec 2003
Has anyone seen ALIVEST Perfect Stage <1,000,000 cuts hide! hide! hide!> DVD? I'm ordering it for my birthday^-^ yay! So I was wondering what to expect (not everything I want to be sort of a surprise) But I was wondering if it has just concert clips or videos too? 😄 I should have looked into this before I bought it -_-
I believe it is live hide. Something like 30 songs. Scenes cut out of a movie with him in it (the seth one?)? I'm just going on what CDJapan has given me...
I've heard it's a "perfect" version of what the hidemuseum has previously played on Memorial Day...What I mean by perfect is they've cut out all of the shots that don't include hide-sama... I think...:p
well if they don't have hide in them they aren't perfect, what smart people!
i got the dvd today!!!!! yay! it is hide in concert, I haven't finished the whole disc yet because people keep interupting me-_- but its really good so far^-^ Hide why did you leave us? *sob*
Off topic, but I got hide dvds today too! I got Seventeen Clips (music videos) and my mom freaked out because she thought it was some freakish porn vid from "Spread Beaver"...:D And then I got ...uhm...that one that's the weird acronym for his name. And I started watching it and suddenly I saw a lot of people on a big street wearing black...and then it had the date "1998/05/08" on the bottom and I just started crying. Then I decided to save that for Memorial Day...^^
I'm going to get seventeen clips next, arn't there several volumes?
I have never seen hide music videos unless there are some on the dvd i got and i haven't found them (but i don't think so)
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