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Alice 19th


30 Sep 2003
it's also by Yuu Watase!
it's about lotis masters (or something like that) and about Alice of coure!
know it? ;)


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yes, she is cute, but I don't really like her, and that just because of the guy that likes her!! it's all his fault!! T.T
haha... i'm thinking of reading the manga... but i'll hafts finish chobits first... *sigh* so much to read, so little time...
I read the 1st chapter and I didn't like it so much...Maybe one chapter isn't enough to say that Alice 19th is boring,but...I think it is.You can't compare it to Fushigi Yuugi or Ayashi No Ceres...
well... yes, you can't compare it with anc & fy... ^^; but it's quite ok actually.. it's cute..
yup, yup! it's so so cute!! ^^-
I've got vol. 1-7... ^^ but I don't think the later volumes are very good... their cute though!
isn't it being released by tokyo pop? maybe they have some info
anybody get in on that borders deal this weekend?
I don't know...

Destiny - well, they have released 7 volumes here now.. I'm not sure if there is more, maybe, cause in the end the bunny went aay from them, maybe they will continue with other ppl? x.x
I have the Manga. The story is quite touching. I don't know if there is more but I also have 1-7. I've had the series for a year or so. It's sort of rushed, but I like it very much.

lol! just realized the last post says "2003" I misread and saw "2008". Oh well.
Oh, I guess this is an old thread but oh well! I've already finished reading it. It was.......interesting. Not the best, but interesting.
I wish the storyline was longer, but I guess it was one of those inbetween type of deals before another project.
I liked the idea of words either harming or helping. Words can sometimes hurt just as bad as a physical attack, or soothe. I was really fascinated with the concept. It was too short to really get involved with the characters, and seemed a little sloppy at the end, but I still enjoyed it a lot.
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