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AKIRA soundtrack music


9 Jul 2003
I'm sure there will be dozens that agree that the soundtrack to AKIRA is one of the greats.

The first piece of music we hear is titled Kaneda.
That piece is so exilerating. Did all of you know the first piece of music is native Indonesian style music? I did not until a friend from Tokyo told me a number of years ago.

Never did get a hold of the soundtrack for this, but I did happen across some cd's filled with Indonesian music at the local independent music store. A whole cd filled with that type of rapid playing. Wow. It's really amazing at times, serious. The cd I bought was music from Bali, although there was some there from other parts of Indonesia and the cd has the title "Music for the Shadow Play". According to the liner notes the music accompanies traditional shadow plays of shadows of puppets on sticks from behind a screen. This can be seen in the movie "The Year of Living Dangerously Scholar" - I'm pretty sure this is about the year the dictator Suharto overthrew the Indonesian gov, although I don't think it mentions CIA involvement.

But I rant. AHHH. This always seems to happen, and I really didn't mean to. Ahh.

Anyway. I just wanted to share the trivia about Akira's soundtrack and the fact that other music like it is available. Anime section seemed like the best place to put it.
Well color me torquoise, I've never paid attention to the soundtrack. When I watch the animation rolling, I zone out.
With the lights out is the best way to watch it. IMO.

That Indonesian music is quite hypnotic also.
sukotto: If you're this interested in the soundtrack, you're really doing yourself a disservice in not picking up the soundtrack CD... in the English-language release, they give some great detailed notes into the group which performs (Geinoh Yamashirogumi) and the varied influences on the music, from Indonesian as you said to traditional Japanese "noh" theater... it's really quite fascinating!

I also did what you did after hearing the soundtrack, although I focused on instruments rather than styles... gamelan music from Cambodia and the fast-paced jegog music from the Indonesian islands. I loved the jegog specifically... great stuff!

Nice to meet a fellow Geinoh Yamashirogumi fan!

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