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15 Mar 2002
Hi All
Am a big fan of music and especially J-Pop.:)
But one complaint I have against most music artists is that they have ONLY one topic under the sun, thats love.
Thats one of the reasons I admire and am a great fan of bands like Simon and Garfunkel, Dire Straits,Eagles,Pink Floyd etc. (not just heavy metal rock bands you see. S&G cud be classified as pop/folk but man, just read their lovely lyrics once! Hey, even MJ,the former king of Pop,has sung about racism, nature etc!)
They sing of nature,friendship,hate,peace,war and about so many things in the world apart from love and more love.

I have two questions
1. Why the dickens do most artists sing about nothing but love and lovers, why ain't they realise theres so much else in the world and life?
2. Are there any J-Pop/J-Rock artists close to say, S&G?
who has really transcended the set limits of music?
who sings in a truly wide spectrum? [Not just 'ツ?エツ u r beautiful, my heart is with you,I will die without youツ ツ?エ etc etc'. Not that I don't like those, but still...............]
Hey, life is vast!!
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I think Love is the easiest topic to write lyrics about, because everyone can use their own experiences. Love is also a very strong driving force to write about, especially when it goes wrong...
On top of that it's also very convenient marketingwise, because all the listeners recognize the situations. It touches them personally which usually results in another sold record.

Since i don't understand Japanese, i can't say which artist does or doesn't sing about love. Shonen Knife sing about food, but that's about all i can think of right now...
There are probably a lot more artists singing about anything else then love. I'll do some digging.
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