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Aikidoka from Germany


Feb 8, 2016
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Hi all,
I'm Johannes, 28 years old from Germany.
I think my first closer contact to Japan was through starting Aikido in 2004. This also made me visit Japan for the first time in 2009 and let me meet my Japanese fiancee who is now living in Germany with me.
In the last years I learned basic Japanese mainly using the Michel Thomas method and the kana with Heisig's Remembering the Kana. I'm talking to my fiancee dayly and with her family when we are at their house in Japan, which is giving me a little – but limited – speaking ability.
In the middle of this year my fiancee's (by then wife's) visa will expire and we will go to Japan. Currently we are discussing for how long we will stay, and the tendency is about twelve months at the moment.
There are some open questions I have to decide, like: Should I get a spouse, working holiday or tourist (for German's that's up to six months) visa? Should I try to get work in Japan or keep working for German clients (I'm self employed), especially when looking at a possible extension of the spouse visa and paying taxes?

For now we are busy preparing our weddings (one in Germany, one in Japan) and I'm learning Japanese everyday. I made a blog with weekly challenges, so that I don't lose track and also to write about the interesting aspects of Japan that I know about. Currently I'm working on grammar and vocabulary with the first version of the Genki textbook, which I bought in Japan because it's so much cheaper than in Germany. I started learning the kanji with the Remembering the Kanji books as well, but am still at the very beginning.
I'm looking forward to being part of this community.


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Mar 14, 2002
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Herzlich willkommen Johannes, nice to have you on board!