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Ahrr! Walk the plank you... you telemarketeer


free spirit
29 Oct 2002
I'm doing some research on cold calling and I got myself wandering if Japanese people suffer with the scurge of telemarketing as we do in Europe and America. Anyone has any experience? After all, telemarketing can be such an intrusion into one's time and I always considered the Japanese people very respectful of one's privacy.

As for me, I usually get annoyed by the cable company, from time to time but I usually have fun trying to turn their script against them. It's funny what happens when we take control of the "conversation".

most people in japan don't have home phones, so they don't have to worry about cold callers. telemarketing companies don't call cell phones, due to the difference of connections. also telemarketing companys use random dialing to call, and they take the common area code and first three digits of telephone numbers in your area and then randomly input the last four digits. telemarketing companies don't have access to the first three digits of cell phones numbers. Also it cost more in japan to have a home phone than a cell phone, so I don't think they are too worried about telemarketing. Have you ever had a telemarketeer call your cell phone I haven't, and if I did I would tell them to put me on there do not call list, you ****** ****** *** **** ***** ****** ****** *******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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