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Advice on working holiday / placements like this one?


Dec 16, 2015
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I was hoping I could seek advice here on doing a working holiday in Japan, as from January I am about to become unemployed with nothing lined up, and having just turned 30 this would be the last year I would actually be eligible for obtaining a working visa (from UK), so I've decided now would really be a good time for me to do this.

Unfortuenly I do not hold a degree, have worked customer service and retail for my life and speak only a little Japanese (still learning), so I am fully aware that it will be much harder for me to find work against the competition, and will mean that I'm most likely going to be best looking for hotel/hospitality / backroom staff etc in unskilled positions. Which is fine by me as I'll be happy to do any job that can support me staying over there for a while.

So far I've searched a lot of forums and found very little in the best way to secure a place before you leave, companies / agencies that help sort out internships or working holiday jobs, or even companies that actively promote recruitment for working holidays.

So far the best lead I have found is contact details for Recruitment | British Hills which seem to be happy to look at employing people remotely for working holiday visas, offering 6-12 month contracts, a small pay and include free accommodation and meals. The location is more rural, but I don't mind that at all. But as this is the only place I've found targeting recruitment at working holidays I've no benchmark, so does this look like a good deal for a working holiday placement?

Also if anyone has any links to places like this that offer similar employment packages for working holidays then I'd really appreciate them.