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14 Mar 2002
Last Wednesday Google launched it's new targeted advertising program called "AdSense"

=> AdSense Help

JREF has been accepted, and I am testing the program since Saturday. I have to admit it looks quite promising. While I understand that advertising in general is often seen as nuisance, ad revenue helps us to maintain this website.

I added AdSense banners to our index page, the directory and will also test them here at the Japan Forum. Once Google has crawled the board, the ads are guaranteed to be relevant. I'll be out of town for a few days and will check the results upon my return. I hope you forgive me this move towards "capitalism".
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good marketing!!

Hello Thomas,

I hope you forgive me this move towards "capitalism".

Forgive you Thomas?
This is a great move, and very good way of marketing!

I personally don`t mind click on banners, course i know its important to keep the expenses to mantain the site.

Congratulation for your idea. Keep up the good work.


👏 👍 👏
Well, I generally tend to side with Albert Camus: "Il faut toujours se revolter!" But how can I revolt against mighty mighty Google?!

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