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Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
I usually receive a fair amount of spam every day, we all live with this predicament. Today ALL of my email addresses that pertain to Japanref-related domains were bombarded with junk. I assume someone must have signed me up to a few lists. I therefore decided to delete my entire set of email addresses @ japanreference.com, japanref.com and japanbanner.net and to disable my "catchall accounts". For the time being I will only rely on web-based accounts.

You can always reach me through the forum's email function or via PM.

Thanks for your understanding! 🙂
lost password

How can I recover lost password ?
I need to make a correction on my thread, and how do i go about correcting it? My thread is in the japan people search, Chihar has a u at the end and i need to get it there. Chiharu. Thomas Quinton is my name. Help me if you can.
There's an "edit" button beneath your post, to the right. With that button, you can edit all of your own postings.
i'm logged but can't do anything

hi thomas

i registered myself for this forum a few days ago.
when i login under my name and password i even get this welcome:

"Welcome back, cowo
There have been 29 threads and 42 posts since your last visit!
The time now is 19:04. You last visited: 09-09-03 10:48."

but i'm not allowed to do anything (not even reading any threads).
what's the matter? did i miss something like an activation or

so long
andre (cowo)
Hi Andre, sorry for the inconvenience. Did you enable cookies in your browser?
yes, cookies are enabled in my browser.
but that was not the problem.

i did a new registration yesterday (after my first one has been deleted ore something) and this time i got the activation/confirmation mail.

so as you can see, i'm in :)
thanks anyway

Glad to know it worked, and welcome aboard! :)
Hi... well my question is a little different...

I'd like to add a link to Japan Reference's forum since my website I almost released. If you agree I'd like to ask you some questions about the forum.

Uhm... well, what questions did you want to ask about the forum then?
Ah! Hi Twisted... well, these are the questions:

1. I can see the number of members in the forum's homepage, but I'd like to know the growing percent it has.
2. The date when the forum began, and,
3. The host country (where the forum owners are from)

Thanks Twisted.
Changing my name

Would it be possible to change my profile or Shown name to 'Areekisu'. Apparently this is my name in Japanese, pronounced in English.
Note to self: Learn Japanese
Jean-Francois said:
Can someone tell me what is a Danshaku?

You are a baron ! Congrats ! JREF titles use Japanese nobility titles of the Meiji, Taisho and early Showa eras.
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