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Accomodiation in Central Tokyo - Fed up with hotels:(


7 Apr 2003

I got back from my first trip to Tokyo last month and i stayed in hotel in Shinjuku near the subway station people who live in Tokyo should know the one i am talking about, i was very dissapointed by how much the room cost me versus how small the room actually was! I loved Japan and will return in September but i am looking for less expensive accommodation preferably in Shinjuku or Shibuya. Now i have read of places like Guest houses, Hostels and even people staying in Love hotels during their stay but i think the problem with the latter
is that you can only check in around 10pm and i dont want to be carrying a suitcase around Tokyo all day!. Can people please post any personal recommendations of well priced accomodation and any restrictions i.e must be back before say 1am etc

Thanks in advance

Why not try a weekly mansion? this is a serviced apartment that you book for a week or more.

Just google under "weekly mansion tokyo" and you will get a heap of hits.
You can check out the Kimi Ryokan. It's in Ikebukuro, but it's not that expensive. You can ask them about check-in times, etc. I stayed there quite a number of years ago and liked it.

See the following link:


Second the weekly mansions. 4,500 per day payable weekly in advance. Deposit required to cover utilities. Japan bank account required to receive back the deposit. I used one several times in Gotanda...very central. Small room but adrequate for a single.

As suggested above, do a search for weekly mansions tokyo.
I am going to be be in Tokyo for the end of this month and early next month for 4 or 5 days. Could anyone give me some recomendations on hotels?
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