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Accommodation in Kyoto?Need help quite fast!


10 Mar 2003
Ok, Here's the deal:

I'm going to Kyoto for next summer, and I need now to find an accommodation for approximately 27th May to 1st September. I have been thinking about guest houses, international dormitories and such. I have two options allready, The Green Peace house in Kyoto, and the Osaka English House in Osaka, but they are quite far away from my work, even though they are very nice places.
If you had any ideas and tips for me about nice, quite cheap places, near this address:

103, Schichi-Jo, Goshonouchi Minamimachi, Kyoto 600-8864.

..I'd really upreciate it! Also host families, would be interesting and nice :)
I need to start making the reservations very soon,so that's why i need help quite fast..thanks! 🙇‍♂️
i read this, but i've only been to kyoto once (don't really know anything). wishing good luck!
approx.400 euros/month (I think it's the similar in dollars)
--> that's how much the two guest houses i know will cost.
Has anyone any experience etc. about Robins International House?
I found that one, have e-mailed them, and might stay there when I'm in Kyoto.
Price is 37000y/month.Seems to be a nice place, but it would be nice to hear other's experiences? :)
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