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Travel Accessing Foreign Funds in Japan - ATM


25 Oct 2012
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So I posed this question to the forums with no luck:

Accessing Money through Japan Banks | Japan Forum

Only to find the information on another blog. Here is the information I found...

It's good practice to check the ATM's bank networks that they use, usually having the network logo posted on the ATM itself, and compare it with your bank's network found on your card.

It's best to go to a post office or 7-11 ATM; they usually take most major debit/credit cards at these ATM's. Savings account cards aren't very reliable for withdrawing funds from a Japanese ATM.

You usually need a pin to access your funds so if you're using a credit card, call your bank ahead of time so they can issue you a pin to use, as it takes anywhere from 5-10 business days.

The Fees associated with withdrawing funds/exchange rate varies depending on your home banking institution or in the case of 7-11, which is found here.

The amount you can withdraw also depends on your home bank so be sure to set the limit to what you would like before you leave for Japan. You can find the 7-11 limit, location of the ATM, as well as how to use their ATM's here.

Something to point out:

1. Not all cards will work with Japanese ATM's or banks. If your card doesn't work, check with your home bank to make sure they didn't place any restrictions on using it. Always let your bank know you are travelling so restrictions can be avoided. (Traveling 101)

2. Try to take the cash with you and exchange it either before you leave, or at the airport, you arrive in. It's just easier, but of course, there are always exceptions (as in my case).

3. Don't be foolish and ask some random local off the street to help you withdraw money. That's an easy way to get ripped off. If in doubt, go into an international bank or Japanese national bank and speak to a representative: such as Citibank or Bank of Japan.

Be safe, and I hope this helps!! As I have yet to go to Japan, I can't answer any questions you might have; I'm just relaying the info I found thus far by those who live in Japan and have experienced withdrawing funds with their foreign cards.

- Alecksander
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