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30 Apr 2002
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:( sad news people...well I think it's sad....
First of all, I know this is the anime and manga forum, but I don't know where else to put this idea. Anyway, I think that if some of the members have the unfortunate dilemma that they don't own a computer and can only use one at certain times, maybe we should tell each other in case someone sends a message and we don't get back to them for 3 months or so. Anywho, my point is that animeloverintraining, saiyanguy86, and I (thre of the youngest members here who all know each other outside of cyberspace) are getting out of school for the summer and won't be back till around August 14 or so. Therefore, there probably won't be any new posts or replies from us for awhile. Well I guess thats all and anyone else who wants to use this thread to say bye and they'll be back soon is fine by me!
Good luck and see you all later...
SaiyanChick87 🙂

(ditto for animeloverintraining and saiyanguy86)
🙂 🙂
I'm very sad to hear that, perhaps you'll find a way to drop by once in a while.

Please take care of yourself, do enjoy your summer, we're all looking forward to have you back!
Yes Thomas you speak for me also,:(

Hurry back and take care of each other, I just sounded like my mum lol.🙂
That's too bad, I was just telling my students about you all.

I teach high school and many girls and guys seemed pretty interested but are still a little worried about their language skills.

oh well :(

Hope you have a fun summer at least :)

well, here's my goin' away speech........:eek: nevermind, i'm no good at speeches....

anyways, if any of us get to drop in, it will most likely be, me. I'm the only one out of us two saiyan people, and animeloverintrainging, that has a computer. so, I'll try to stop and say hi to everyone!

by the way...mohashi....tell your class I said HI!!!!!!👏 :D 🙂


Ahhh!! I'm new here, but I had liked the 3 of you already!!
I can't believe it, but...
Have we just managed to turn summer vacation into something sad????? :eek:
Don't be, go enjoy your vacations my friends so that you can come back with renewed strengh 😄 , remember that vacations always end :auch:
ha ha

i hate all DBZ lives and they all are DBZ lovers and besides im younger then any of them
ha ha ha
that's sad, but you'll be back, right, so... it's not that bad! ^^
Your Local Library ???

Around here most librarys have 1 or 2 computers that anyone can use. Maybe if they have them where you live, you can use them to check in and say Hi . Good Luck and enjoy your vacation !!


Glad You're Alert Bluebird !!!

Never paid attention to dates on the posts before. Soooo Embarased!
I feel like someone put a dead body in my living room and I've been holding a conversation with it. Egg on face !!


😊 😊 😊 😊 😊
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