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About Zundoko ツ(ニ炭ニ停?愴檀ニ坦ツ静淞)


15 Mar 2002
Are there are fans of the songs ニ但ニ鱈ニ停?ー窶堙姑炭ニ停?愴檀ニ坦ツ静淞 by ツ渉ャ窶氾騨?ョツ and ニ檀ニ椎?ニ稚窶堙姑炭ニ停?愴檀ニ坦ツ静 by ニ檀ニ椎?ニ稚ニ耽ツーニ炭?

Can anyone throw some light on these songs and give me more information? what does ニ炭ニ停?愴檀ニ坦 mean? (or is it just a rhythm)

And how are both these songs related? And when were these songs sung?

Are these comic songs? And are these one of the great hit songs of J-POP?

I remember vaguely listening a lot of similar songs on TV, NHK.

Konnichiwa Kinjo-san!

Ummm... What dose ZUNDOKO mean? I am sorry, I don't know what ZUNDOKO mean. But ZUNDOKO-BUSHI is a very common name and there are a lot of songs that is named ZUNDOKO-BUSHI in Japan.
An instance, Dorifu no Z-B, Ichinokura Z-B, Yoko no Z-B and etc. But the most famous ZUNDOKO-BUSHI is a "Kiyoshi no Z-B" now.

I think the most oldest ZUNDOKO-BUSHI is a Japan Navy's ZUNDOKO-BUSHI.

And "Dorifu no Z-B" is a insertion song of puppet show "Tobe, Son-Goku!".

I think you listened "Kiyoshi no Z-B" on TV NHK.

Thanks Nangi san, but what is the meaning of ニ炭ニ停?愴檀ニ坦ツ静? And do all ニ炭ニ停?愴檀ニ坦ツ静 songs have similar tune?
I heard to 2 songs ニ但ニ鱈ニ停?ー窶堙姑炭ニ停?愴檀ニ坦ツ静淞 and ニ檀ニ椎?ニ稚窶堙姑炭ニ停?愴檀ニ坦ツ静 and both sound kind of similar.
And are all these pretty old?
Konnichiwa Kinjo-san!

I don't know meaning of the ZUNDOKO, but BUSHI(originally FUSHI) means tune or rhythm.
I have not heard all ZUNDOKO-BUSHI but I think all ZUNDOKO-BUSHI similar to each other. Because all BUSHI songs are based on Japanese traditional song(Japanese folk song).
Kiyoshi no Z-B is recent song but the others are old.

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