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30 Jul 2002
I hear he's running for another term as Governor of Tokyo again, is this true? And what are his chances of winning?

Does he have enough power to further his political career after his run as Governor? (I'm hoping not...) As I've heard some stuff that would make me label him as a paranoid, xenophobic jerk.
I guess his chances are pretty good. He looks cool, like Bush. Both of them are f*cked in their head, but most people care about the external impression first. That's how both were elected and could be re-elected.
Well, I hadn't chekced the news. So the clown has been re-elected yesterday. How wonderful...:cautious:
Yes, he is likely to succeed to Koizumi as PM. To know better what kind of person he is read this article of the BBC. His stance against foreigners is clear when he says :
"Atrocious crimes have been committed again and again by sangokujin and other foreigners. We can expect them to riot in the event of a disastrous earthquake."
Mr Ishihara - elected as governor last April - has previously drawn criticism for saying the Nanking Massacre, in which hundreds of thousands of Chinese were slaughtered by Japanese troops in the 1930s, never happened.

In Europe there are laws against holocaust deniers. In Japan you deny massacres and get re-elected.

Btw, take a look at these young people's replies when asked about Tokyo's gubernatorial election:

Ryuji Narikiyo, 23

"I am too lazy to go to a polling station, so I won't vote. Anyway, I like Shintaro Ishihara as a person, so it's OK with me if he gets re-elected. I am not sure exactly what he has done, but I just know that people see him as a reformer of Tokyo. I hope he can improve the life of Tokyoites, as long as he doesn't hike taxes and stops making us separate the trash any further."

Shunji Takahashi, 33

"I have never voted before because I don't think anyone has enough power to change things. They're all the same. Today, celebrities run as candidates but that's just for name effect. Shintaro Ishihara is no different.

Mika Maeno, 26

"I am not really interested in the election for the governor of Tokyo because I can barely handle my life at the moment. I can't think of politics right now.

Jun Miyamoto, 23

"I think Shintaro Ishihara is decent, although I don't have any special reason for saying so. But I don't really care if someone else is elected governor. I only wish that Tokyo will change more like Osaka.

Jack Miyoshi, 25

"I think Shintaro Ishihara is the nicest among the candidates. However, I don't give him 100% credit. I think he says so many things on TV but still I do not understand many of his ideas.

That's a lot of unconcerned, careless, perhaps even ignorant youngins, and I'm a youngin saying that. Should Ishihara even make PM, I can really see Japan becoming a more gaijin-friendly nation. :cautious:
I believe I read somewhere that the Japanese governments official possition is that the rape of Nanking never happened, though some of the biggest activists for Japanese acknowledgement are also Japanese
I doubt he will become PM... his nationalistic beliefs will not fly in national politics. The South wont support him, especially hiroshima and Nagasaki where there is a significant anti war presence, and he wont get support from the United States, because a nationalist Japan really complicates things for their foriegn policy stance. The only chance that Ishihara has if there is a serious economic meltdown... but I cant see that happening either. Its easy to win a governership because you can just trash your opponent when you are in power, espcially ishihara who has a lot of support. But he goes on the national forum... he won't be able to outspend his opponent, and people will have to face the dark side of his policies.
It is very ashamed of us to have a governor like Shintaro Hishihara, although I am not a citizen of Tokyo, and I don't have a right to elect one. I must say he is very discriminative to foreigners, as you can see from his comment on Nankin Masaccare and very sexist as you can see his commentary on older women in Japan. Imagine if the mayor of NYC made the same comment? (I understand their status is not equivalent, but perhaps it is in a sense that both are in the governing position of "a big=worldly well-known city"). They won't be elected, or they even push to be resigned from the position. Right? You can see how our consciousness regarding these issues is so low. The media won't pursue what he said is unforgivable. Most people just let it go...as, I don't know, but maybe as just another comment he mistakenly made? Politicians should be very conscious about what they say in public/non-public. And I hope they believe what they say. Even unconsciously, I think they mean what they say if they say something wrong. Besides, the attitude of not apologizing about what he said publicly made me so angry. And make me sad to think his image may give a "how Japanese like" impression in other countries when media broadcast them. How low... and how sorry we will likely have this man for another term as a Governor of Tokyo, capital of Japan.
Papers on 4 TBS Employees Sent to Prosecutors over Ishihara Quotes
The police said they believe there is a low possibility that TBS employees intentionally forged or distorted the remarks, but were negligent in incorrectly reporting the remarks, according to sources close to the investigation.
To make a negative sentence into an affirmative one by cutting the original dialog 私は日韓合併の歴史を百パーセント正当化するつもりはない to 私は日韓合併の歴史を百パーセント正当化するつもり then adding a nonexistent だ at the end of the caption text, while media including their affiliate newspaper Mainichi had reported the original sentence correctly four days prior to the TV program. How unintentional (detailed info.)
Police does not choose to send files to prosecutors if they believe that defamation was unintentional.

It is not the scheme exclusive to TBS to conviniently edit the politician's comments to make him sound more facist&racist than he is: Example 1 Example 2

There is another incident that might help understanding the corporate culture of TBS.
名無し said:
Papers on 4 TBS Employees Sent to Prosecutors over Ishihara Quotes

It is not the scheme exclusive to TBS to conviniently edit the politician's comments to make him sound more facist&racist than he is: Example 1 Example 2
Ishihara Reconciles with TBS over TV Caption Error Dispute
In November 2003, TBS ran in the TV program "Sunday Morning" a scene of Ishihara speaking at a gathering in October in which he said, "I totally do not intend to legitimatize Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula," but it put caption to the remark that said, "I totally intend to legitimatize."
"Liberal" media throughout the world has kept reporting fabrications and distortions about Japanese "militarist right-wing" politicians' comments, a recent example by BBC and New York Times pointed out in a related thread.
Other hate-Japan media includes the infamous red paper Asahi, Le Monde and Sテシddeutsche Zeitung.

It is about time when people start to realize that some media feels nothing wrong about lying in order to achieve their goal.
名無し said:
Papers on 4 TBS Employees Sent to Prosecutors over Ishihara Quotes
TBS did it again:

TBS Probed on Abe Shot in Show

The government is investigating a TV program by Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc. on the wartime Japanese germ warfare unit because it includes footage in which a photo of Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe appears in the background in a storeroom, officials said Wednesday.

Abe considered the front-runner to succeed Junichiro Koizumi as president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in September, has no connection with the notorious Unit 731.
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