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6 Aug 2002
Hi. I thought it might be time for me to introduce myself (I've been lurking here reading posts for a month or so.).

I'm a guy from Sweden in my mid-20's. I find Japan interesting and I recently began to study japanese.

I've realized that a lot of people become interested in Japan through japanese pop, cartoons & anime. Those things have never really appealed to me. Not that I've really given it a chance... Feel free to recommend movies and stuff that can "convert" me. :)

So what is it about Japan that I like? well... I don't know. Perhaps it's interesting because it's so different. Or it's this image that I've had in my head since I was a kid of a country with wise old people that live in the mountains. Or whatever. I'm not gonna analyze it, just accept it. ;)

That'll do as an introduction...
welcome and yoroshiku.

Nice to see that you moved from being a lurker.

hmmm, maybe in your past life you were Japanese. A real estate agent mentioned this to me once.
Hi Johnny 🙂 and welcome to the forum,

Interesting point Moyashi made! hmmm that might explain half of the forums members interest
Hi Johnny, welcome to the board!

I got interested in Japan through my wife, I had never watched anime or listened to Jpop before I met her (didn't even know it existed, lol).

Now my wife wished I'd be less interested in Japanese culture and stopped nailing her with J-related questions.
Thanks for your welcomes. Yeah, I probably was a japanese person in my past life - I'm an ex-japanese. :)
@ moyashi,, you would be surprised at my memoirs, lol:D

@ pass life, "nothings impossible"🙂
Don't worry, Debs, basically geishas just poured sake and played instruments. Basically.
😌 😌 hmmm well maybe so then moyashi lol🙂

I really must get a bit of knowledge on these geishas😌 and who knows? maybe Thomas and Johnny were also clients of mine, 😄
Hey Thomas those were the modern or high class Geisha's ;)
So Debs must've been one of those.
See Debs, Japan is a thin red line in all of your lives: high class geisha, Japan Forum advisor and soon-to-be bonsai master...

Fate. ;)
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